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Lamb Specialities
Lamb Makani


Tender pieces of lamb cooked with our home made yoghurt, cream & ghee. (Mild)

Lamb Pasanda


Tender pieces of lamb marinated with spices, cooked with cream and herbs. (Mild)

Lamb Sarisha


Tender pieces of lamb cooked with mustard sauce, garnished with spring onions. (Medium)

Green Herb Lamb (Medium)


Tender pieces of Lamb in a spicy sauce of tomato, spring onion, green peppers.

Lamb Karai


Tender pieces of lamb cooked with green peppers, onions, herbs and spices. (Medium)

Lamb Balti


Lamb diced and cooked in a special sauce.

Saag Gosht


Lamb cooked with fresh spinach leaves with garlic and herbs. (Medium)

Muglai Chana Gosht


Tender lamb stewed with Afghan chick peas in spicy fresh lemon, juice, garnished with fresh coriander. (Medium hot)

Keema Mutar (Medium)


Lamb minced cooked with green peas in a chef special medium sauce.

Imli Gosht


Tender pieces of lamb cooked with tamarind sauce and green chillies to create a unique tasty dish.(Hot)

Shatkora Aloo Gosht (Hot)


Lamb diced with potato cubes and shatkora (Sylhety style lemon) in a hot & sour sauce.

Khashi Garam Massala


Tender pieces of lamb cooked with hot spices and green chillies in a thick sauce, garnished with coriander. (hot)

Authentic Indian Cuisine

We cook our food with fresh herbs and spices.

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